Buying and Selling Property – Don’t be the one who holds things up

House Sales

Quick Sales Avoid Chains Collapsing

Check Your House Sale Progress

If you are thinking of buying and selling property in the UK you can help to ensure the process goes smoothly by making sure you are ready and staying on top of the process.

You cannot influence the whole chain but you can keep on top of the process by speaking to everyone involved on a regular basis and asking some searching questions about the status of all the links in the chain. A good agent will do this for you and they will report back to you.

Last year a survey by 1st Property Lawyers revealed that 29 per cent of deals fell through. To avoid your sale or purchase falling down make sure you are doing all you can to speed up the process.

The faster things move, the less likely it is that the sale will fall through.

6 Ways To Speed Up a Property Sale

  1. Get a mortgage approved – speak to a mortgage advisor and chose the mortgage product you want, then get yourselves approved so the mortgage doesn’t slow down the buying process.
  2. Have a solicitor in place to deal with the conveyancing, and provide them with the documents they need before you find your property so they are ready to act immediately.
  3. Respond quickly to all requests for paperwork, signatures and queries from your agent or solicitor as soon as you can.
  4. If you’re selling a property to buy another, make sure you have all guarantees up to date and to hand, if there is building work to do you can identify and price up work to save being held to ransom by a buyers survey report.
  5. If you need building work done on a house you are buying or selling you can use the Government -approved Trustmark register or find reliable, vetted and insured tradesmen through Checkatrade.
  6. Arrange to review the process once a week – your agent should be ringing you, but if they don’t, you should ring or email the agent and your solicitor to make sure everything is moving along as it should.

Quicker House Sales

If you want a quick sale of your property you can speak to your agent about open days, which generate a large amount of interest and prompt buyers to make an offer because they actually see the competition for a property.

Speak to one of our Sales Negotiators about your buying and selling options 0207 394 1160 or email us on


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