Landlords tell your Tenants

If you own property in an area that will be affected by the Olympic and Paralympic Games then you may want to send your tenants this blog page.

Temporary parking restrictions during the Olympics

Now that the Olympics is becoming a concrete structure in our lives – literally and metaphorically – our mind is turning to the practicalities that surround those of us who live and work around the venue sites.

In case you are not aware of what is about to happen to your free on-street parking this guide aims to enlighten and inform.

The Olympic Games start on Friday 27th July until Sunday 12th August, followed by the Paralympic Games from Wednesday 29th August until Friday 9th September.

There will be temporary parking restrictions around the Games Venues to prioritise parking facilities for local residents and businesses, and to prevent spectators from using local on-street parking. Obviously London is going to be most affected by the volume of visitors, but other areas will also have changes to their parking arrangements too.

There are different permit arrangements in different areas and the official 2012 website has a list detailing what they are Click Here.

Most people who live in these areas will have had information about parking changes through their door, but if like me you don’t read all of the community news pamphlets, then you may have noticed some red and white blocks appearing at the end of your street. These will hold signs stating the temporary regulations for parking that will occur during the Olympic and Paralympic period.

The local borough councils are aiming to link up the DVLA records with their Council Tax information to ensure that local residents and business are automatically issued with permits. It is recommended that if you haven’t received these in the next two weeks then you should contact your local authority.

Procedures are in place for those who live in an affected area but whose car is registered elsewhere, (for instance if you have a company car), and in this instance you should contact your local council to register your vehicle. This can be done online.

In addition to these measures London Councils are recommending an increase in illegal parking fines to £200 and will be prioritising towing vehicles that are illegally parked in order to keep the highways as free as possible.

Residents and local businesses are also entitled to visitors parking permits for the duration of the temporary parking. Details of when this will be and how many will be issued is yet to be released.

These changes affect street parking only. Parking in your private driveway will remain unaffected. If you currently live in a controlled parking zone then your permit arrangements will remain unaffected.

It is not yet clear what will happen about house removals in these areas but for up to date information on this we can recommend checking in with ICM Gerson who have a very informative blog about the industry.


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